However, she is more Ludmilas servant than her friend. At the end of Season 2, Ludmila was very upset because her plan with Diego didnt work out as they planned, and they failed once again. When she performs Right Now in Episode 10, his anger dissipates as he happily watches her sing on stage. When Leon goes on a date with Lara, Diego texts Violetta from Leon"s phone to meet at the park. He joins her on stage and they sing together - the strong connection between them is once again reestablished. Naty started to change in this second part, since Ludmila abandoned her. After Leon and Violetta kissed they became a couple. And as always: . Singing together draws them closer. When Violetta is unable to go to Madrid, Ludmila instantly takes her place and boasts about it. Leon sees her and gets off his motorbike to protect her from the oncoming racers. In Episode 41, he tells her that she must choose between him and Tomas. Later that night, both of them can't stop thinking about the melody of Our Way. Everyone goes to the karaoke bar but Leon does not want to. Things start to get complicated between Leon and Violetta and they decide to break up. When Rafa Palmer is unable to perform at the party, the task is handed over to the students of the studio. Violetta writes Breathless which Leon realizes is about her doubts between him and Tomas when Cami mistakenly takes it from Violetta's bag as her song to rehearse with Leon in Episode 44. Studio 21 (Season 1) On Beat Studio (Season 2 - Season 3) But in Season 2, the two started to develop feelings for each other when Federico came back to Studio On Beat. Student Season 1 Francesca tells Leon that it was actually her who invited Diego and that Violetta had nothing to do with him being there. She wants to get back together with him but is afraid he doesnt feel the same way. Leon does not get upset at her and reassures her that she can sing and doesn't need to be with Tomas to do it well. Despite this, Violetta continues to yearn for Tomas. Nati and Camila rush to help but after seeing Federico, Naty ushers Camila away, leaving the camera to film everything. Mercedes LambreJoie Marlowe (English dub) The relationship between her and Violetta is similar to the relationship between Angie and Jade. She thinks she is the best and always wants to be in the spotlight. Diego comes to the studio while she is performing and provokes Leon. At the start of the second part, Priscila and Herman announce that they want to celebrate their love by throwing a huge party. In their next rehearsal in Episode 66, Violetta's mind is elsewhere as she is sad about Angie leaving. Ludmila does forgive her mother for everything when she apologizes and admits to needing help. Episode The Naxi episode is episode 59, where Maxi confessed to Naty that he is in love with her and that he wants to be with her. However, they need Leon to perform so Violetta along with Andres , Fran and Cami go to the motorcross track to try to convince Leon to change his mind. She is a little socially isolated because Ludmila didn't let her spend time with other persons. family However, she rejects both of them, telling them that they all need to focus on the end of year show instead. After two months, the second Planets hiatus has come to an end. She acts cold towards him, believing that this is the truth. Natalia is portrayed by Alba Rico . We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. During the party, frustrated with Tomas being dishonest about his relationship with Ludmila as a result of misunderstandings due to Ludmila's scheming, Violetta disguises herself in Ludmila's costume and is filmed by Naty almost kissing Tomas. Where does digestion begin and where does it end? She usually gets Ludmila water and anything else she wants; she tries to make everything look perfect, but that's never perfect to, When she is all alone she feels useless because she thinks that she is nothing without. His sacrifice makes her yearn for him even more but she holds herself back as she doesn't want to hurt him. In Episode 76, Tomas begins to seek Violetta again despite being in a relationship with Francesca. Natalia "Naty/Nati" Vidal[1] is one of the students at On Beat Studio and is Ludmila's sidekick. In Episode 61, Violetta tells Leon her conflict and concerns about lying to her dad and without saying anything, he is able to calm and comfort her with a single hug. She is immediately in love with the melody. The incident leaves Violetta feeling embarrassed. At first, the two didnt feel anything for each other. In Episode 77, due to Tomas's recent advances, she starts to get confused between Leon and him again. Along with Francesca and Diego, they travel to Spain to perform as the winners. However, when she and Diego perform Be Mine, Violetta trips and Diego kisses her without her consent. "Violetta, you do remember I never actually agreed to play duets with you, . It was revealed she was pretending to have changed for a plan with childhood best friend Diego Hernndez to get Violetta kicked out of the studio. Season 1 Your email address will not be published. Ludmila uploads a fake video on the YouMix forum of Violetta being mean which results in her being vilified by the public and failing to make it to the next round of the contest. But then, Lena quits the Studio, leaving Naty lost, so she ends up going back to Ludmila. Vilu tells her that she already has but Fran explains that she used her head to decide and not her heart. resides In Episode 33, when Leon is replaced by Tomas as the male lead for the show, Violetta consoles him and reassures him. He tells her that she cannot perform on stage as she is too upset but she tells him that she has to as her mother would have and kisses him on the cheek. Leon always calls Violetta to see if she is all right. In Episode 49, when she believes that Leon has put a note in her locker asking to meet her to reconcile, she becomes very excited and overjoyed. When Violetta slipped on a puddle at the end of episode 1, Tomas caught her and they fall in love with each other. hair color They have broken up several times, first in. She can play the guitar, the piano, and the violin. Tomas was Violetta's first love. Ludmila is a little lazy because she is always asking. Leon learns of this news and comes to Violetta's house to try to talk Herman out of his decision. Does Violetta and Ludmila become friends? Leon consoles Violetta as all the students laugh and mock her and takes her home. Later in the series, she realizes what a horrible person Ludmila is and starts to slowly distance herself from her. He records Diego on his phone discussing with Ludmila how he is going to break Violetta's heart so that she is unable to perform in the show. A Dream, a Song Herman invites him over for dinner with the family. Camila and Naty now have the video of Ludmila obviously in love with Federico however, Ludmila destroys it and they hadn't made any copies. Violetta wants to get back together with Leon but he starts to form a growing bond with Lara. That's when love started to change her attitude a bit. What episode does Maxi kiss Naty? She apologises for everything (her confusion between him and Tomas) but he reassures her by telling her that he understands and that he can wait and knows that they are meant to be. Her middle name could be Susana, because, in episode 11 of season 1, Napo called her Susana. He says nothing and Violetta leaves, taking his lack of response as a no. In Episode 67, Violetta is nervous about her performance as it will decide if she wins the competition so Leon gives her a hug to calm her down. Continuing in Episode 74, knowing they had the same dream shows them how connected they are but they do not get back together as Leon thinks it is best for both of them not to. However, Leon is disappointed that Violetta only sees him as a friend and nothing more. school She is from Spain and she came to Buenos Aires because her father is a diplomat. However, Violetta becomes slightly suspicious of Leon when he regularly takes phone calls in private and acts strangely. In Episode 80, Leon reveals to Violetta, during the show, how her song came to be and surprises her with Herman on the stage, ready to accompany her as she performs the song. Whenever he gets angry, Leon goes to the motorcross track to let off some steam and talks with his mechanic, Lara. Leon taught Violetta how to ride a bicycle. Ludmila purposely injures Naty by pushing a skateboard at her to try and take her place in the show, although her plan doesn't go well. She got offended and walked out. The meaning of Natalia is 'born on Christmas day'. Although Federico has not been there for a long time in the Studio, Federico is the only person who accepts Ludmila for who she is, and the only one who can bring out the best side of her, but Ludmila is afraid of the effect he has on her and she frequently denies her feelings for him. They were still friends though, no matter what. But then, Lena quits the Studio, leaving Naty lost, so she ends up going back to Ludmila. So, she disguises herself as a vibrant and flambuoyant girl named Roxy to spy on him to determine if he has completely moved on from her. When their parents are away, Lena is the one trusted to look after Naty and make sure nothing happens to her, even though she is actually younger than Naty. In the end, they kissed and became a couple. Violetta becomes very sad over their break-up and misses him dearly. In the end, they kissed and became a couple. One day, Tomas, the delivery boy from Resto Bar, comes to the Studio to deliver an order. They forgave her and all three hugged before singing Sing for Love. Natys sister, Lena, comes and makes her realize that Ludmila is treating her like a servant. Ludmila Ferro Best Friends/Frenemies Main article: Laty They are about to kiss when she is woken up by Marotti telling her to move out of the way of the cameras. All the boys reveal to Leon that Violetta actually wants to get back with him but he refuses to believe them. She and Maxi also seemed to get a lot more closer, but once again, Ludmila was there to break them up, because she thought that if Naty gets a boyfriend, she won't have enough time for her; and she also needed help with her andDiego's plan. He regularly calls her to check up on her to see how she is doing, slowing beginning to win over her heart. Song - "More Tears" as the lyrics describe how Leon finally finds the right girl for him and how he wants to be with her; Leon shows throughout several episodes that he wanted to sing it with Violetta, or "We Can"because they both dreamt about that song and they sang it together the next day, or "Our Way" because Leon and Violetta both dream of singing this song together, or "I Need To Let You Know" as their ability to compose the love song apart shows how connected they are. However, after Lena leaves, Naty goes back to Ludmila because she doesn't want to be invisible. At the beginning of the series, Naty acts like a bad person and she is part of the cool crowd along with Ludmila, Leon and Andres. Season 3 She calls herself "A(n) Master/Artist in Human Relationships". They decide to get back together. In the episodes 70-71, Violetta found out that Angie is her aunt after Ludmila showed her a video; and even though Violetta was angry at Angie at first, she forgave her, and they ended up becoming even closer. I hope you'll enjoy it. Who does Ludmila end up with in Violetta? She realizes that Leon and Lara are not together and in Episode 78, they get back together when they meet at their special bench. affiliations She knows that Ludmila would betray her if there was something in it for her, but she stays with her anyway, hoping that it would help her become a diva as well. When they get locked in, Federico explains what a binary star is and how a supernova is formed by one. Tomas asked Ludmila if this was true and, once again, she lied. Angry and believing that Violetta kissed him voluntarily, Leon runs off and in Episode 21, they break up. They are both reluctant to reveal to each other that they want to get back together because they believe the other person is angry and does not want to. Herman loses all his money due to Jade and Matias scheming, causing them to almost lose their house. What happens to Lena and Naty in the end? Viodmila (Vio/letta and Lu/dmila) is the friendship/step-sisters pairing of Violetta Castillo and Ludmila Ferro. This caused Ludmila to mainly grow up with her mother, Priscila Ferro. However, she doesn't arrive at the airport in time and misses her flight, so she succeeds only in angering everyone. However, it is shown that Naty cant stay away from Ludmila for too long and will always come back to her no matter what. Studio 21 Then, Naty teases her but she declines it once again, however she realizes that she does indeed love him. birth date But how can Leon handle this. In Episode 72, Leon and Violetta along with Fran and Diego arrive in Spain and explore Madrid together. In Episode 6, Leon decides that they should just be friends and Violetta is saddened by this. Federico At the end of Season 2, Ludmila was very upset because her plan with Diego didn't work out as they planned, and they failed once again. Ludmila's hatred of Violetta grows even stronger when Violetta comes to the Studio, as Violetta is a better singer than Ludmila and she outshines her at every turn, even though Ludmilla won't accept that. In Episode 35, Violetta's feelings for Leon begin to become stronger due to their kiss. The actress Lodovica Comello, who plays Francesca, was attending school in Milan and the director said that some people would come to provinare some students. A few weeks later, Antonio and Pablo decide to have a show instead of a recital, and Ludmila is cast in the lead role. Violetta decides to choose herself and not to be in a relationship with either Leon nor Tomas, saying that there isn't a need to rush to make a decision and that what will be will be. Diego Hernndez is one of the main antagonists in Season 2, along with his best friend, Ludmila, and his father Gregorio Casal. Leon can't be around Violetta because it hurts that he cannot be with her even though he wants to comfort her. Though their relationship had its ups and downs, they are together when the show ends. She realizes that Ludmila is a horrible person and tries to distance herself from her. Leon recognises that Violetta feels confused and asks her to choose between him and Tomas . In Episode 68, Violetta discovers that her father is Jeremiah. They hang out together and he teaches her how to ride a bicycle. Violetta continues to think about Leon and her fears of losing him. While he assures Lara that he is only trying to do the right thing by exposing them, Lara sees it as his inability to forget about Violetta. While everyone is talking, Ludmila outcasts herself from them. Leon finally safely lands the balloon, and the pair enjoy some romantic time alone while waiting for the others to find them. Violetta manages to convince him to go and he tells her that it's good to see her. Federico At the end of Season 2, Ludmila was very upset because her plan with Diego didn't work out as they planned, and they failed once again. They first meet when Leon saves Violetta from colliding with some skater kids. He enters the room and tells Violetta that they shouldn't be anything more than friends, believing that that is what she wants. When Leon finally kisses her, everything changes for Violetta and she decides to pursue her feelings for him. She is very good at lying and acting because she lies to Tomas about being a good person all the time, and she pretends to be a good person when he's around when she is actually just the opposite. But when Violetta finds out that she have a sister she wants to go back to here father, So they can find out where she is. occupation However, in Episode 40, Leon overhears her conversation with Tomas where she confesses she has feelings for both of them. She even tells Tomas her desire to take action to get back together with Leon. In Episode 23, Leon has an intense allergic reaction to drinking strawberry-spiked orange juice due to Ludmila, causing Violetta to be very worried about him. Federico and Ludmila have a somewhat complicated relationship. Violetta still relies on Leon for consolation and strength to sing on stage, as seen in their phone call in Episode 63. He comforts her when she is upset and tells her that Ludmila isn't worth any of her tears. Who does Ludmila end up with in Violetta? When Ludmila is first introduced, shes the most popular and glamorous girl at Studio On Beat. I feel happy, cared for". . Ludmila tries to get back with Leon later, but ultimately both of them realize that their relationship wasnt genuine. They start to officially date. In Season 2, he pretends to be in love with Violetta Castillo, so that Ludmila Ferro can carry out her plan to destroy Violetta. At the end of Season 2, Naty and Maxi started dating and kissed three times. Due to their broken relationship, Herman asks Leon to look after Violetta for him in Episode 79. Talking with her grandmother, she reveals, "when I'm with Leon,I feel like I could be with him for the rest of my lifeI don't want to be with anyone else. In the end, they end up developing and admitting their feelings for each other. At an unknown point, Ludmilas parents divorced and her father moved to Africa for business reasons. Violetta struggles to compose her song for the show as she is stressed about her dad and decides that she will go to Pablo and ask him to give the assignment to someone else. Maxi feels bad for Naty when he sees the way Ludmila treats her. Leon apologises for making her uncomfortable but she reassures him that it's alright. But when Federico returned the Studio, she started to have feelings for him. He is hurt and doesn't want to see her face. Leon Vargas (portrayed by Jorge Blanco) is Violettas man. Violetta hides behind Leon during the announcement as she is conscious of the cameras filming her. In Episode 55, Lara catches Leon snooping on Diego's social media account trying to find some evidence of Ludmila and Diego's scheming. Ludmila Ferro (best friend)Maxi Ponte (close friend)Camila Torres (close friend)Violetta Castillo Leon Vargas Francesca Caviglia Andres FedericoTomas HerediaDiego HernndezMarco TavelliGeryClement GalanNapoBroduey Ludmila's first appearance is when she and the students are on tour, and she is still a complete diva. Also, she became friends with Violetta, Francesca and Camila and sang with them for YouMix. This makes Leon realize that he must take action to get Violetta back before he loses her for good. Ludmila Susana Ferro is one of the main characters and is considered to be one of the main antagonists of the Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta . She sees Violetta crying at her performance and thinks Diego, even though she knows that he truly loves her, has broken her heart but Leon comes onstage, leaving Ludmila angry. Violetta writes about Leon in her diary and Leon thinks about Violetta that night. While she is singing, it is revealed that Leon has changed his mind and has decided to go to the karaoke bar, as he enters whilst she performs. Angie is Violetta's tutor and aunt, the sister of Violetta's late mother, Mara. Ludmila saw him and starts to fall for him, even though she's with Leon. They eventually came to the conclusion of checking the security cameras and it showed that she pushed the skateboard. Federico helps Ludmila up and she freezes with a dreamy look in her eyes. Ludmila Ferro is portrayed by Mercedes Lambre . Later, when Violetta starts to have private piano lessons with Beto at the studio, Ludmila becomes even more jealous because Violetta becomes even closer to Tomas, and when Violetta wanted to take the test so she can become a student of the Studio 21, Ludmila tried everything and anything to make her miss the admission test, but she fails and Violetta gets accepted into the Studio. However, shes also seen to be very mean and spoiled at times by degrading her fellow students, constantly referring to herself as a supernova and going great lengths to get back at people who are in her way.